A Visual Impairment and Accessibility Technology Research Lab

Parag Pathak

Credentials: Graduate Project Assistant

Parag is a Graduate Student at University of Wisconsin Madison studying Mechanical Engineering.
He was a TED student speaker at TEDxUWMadison 2019 where he spoke on the topic “How much Data is there at a Party?”. The talk deals with the different data interaction models we use with in our everyday lives.
Parag previously completed his undergraduate work in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.
After that he worked for a year at a CAD software development company, before coming to UW Madison.
He is familiar with Swift and IOS development.
Currently he works on the Raspberry Pi video streaming application “Zoomboard”. His role is to do video streaming from a Raspberry Pi server to an IOS client.
His future goals are to develop new mobile applications that enhance our communication abilities and can become a tool that bring about a positive change in our everyday lives by helping us better express ourselves.